To thine own self be true

Cellar floor television

Posted by Polonius on 13 December, 2006

I read in today’s Grauniad of The Verdict, the latest concept in “reality” television. Ever since Big Brother broke through the bottom of the barrel, the most cynical minds in tabloid television have competed to tunnel deeper and deeper into the cellar floor. The Verdict is a serious contender for the deepest yet. Lord Perjuror may be otherwise unemployable, but that is hardly sufficient justification for throwing licence-payers’ money at this drivel. If this is reality, stop the world – I want to get off.


One Response to “Cellar floor television”

  1. […] floor television (2) I’ve written before about what I call “cellar floor television“, but the digging continues. William Harrison wrote Roller Ball Murder, then came Stephen […]

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