To thine own self be true

Phantom caller

Posted by Polonius on 15 December, 2006

Mobile phones (cellphones if you prefer) are everywhere. I avoided getting one for a long time, but now I have two, one for work plus my own. They’re very useful thing, but they do have a tendency to go off at the most inconvenient times. But on Wednesday, my phone went off just as I parked the car. It took a few seconds to finish what I was doing, so I was slightly flustered when I fished it out of my pocket. I fumbled a bit, pushing the wrong button first, but eventually picked up the call. “Hello!” – no reply. “Hello!”, I repeated. I became aware of a strange reverberation on the line, but still nobody there. I feared that the caller had given up waiting as I fumbled. Then I heard the rustle of a phone in somebody’s pocket or handbag. Obviously somebody had dialled my number by accident. I was just about to hang up when I thought, “But what’s the weird echo?” Then I remembered I have two phones! I pulled out the other one and, sure enough, that’s where the call had come from.


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