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Voices in my head

Posted by Polonius on 25 March, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, Edward the Bonobo mentioned the concept of a generative grammar, something I’d never come across before. Then, through WTF, I came across  SCIgen, which uses the related concept of a context-free grammar. Today, while trying to get my head around some concepts of musical theory, I followed a series of links around Wikipedia from Mixolydian mode via Musical mode, Key (music) and Chord progression to Generative grammar again. Clearly the Fates are conspiring to guide me towards this concept. Perhaps generative grammars are the basis of the project that’s going to advance my understanding of Perl?


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Faaar right

Posted by Polonius on 23 March, 2007

There are a couple of amusing comments on the latest badscience posting. The first is Neil Desperandum’s, drawing attention to the Daily Hate’s standards of proof-reading.

The second is Andy’s pointer to an interesting Web page. Horizontal scroll bars are widely seen as a usability no-no. I have seen an online art gallery that mimicked a real-world gallery, and it suited the metaphor to stroll (or scroll) horizontally through the site, but that was a rare exception. Now Phrenopolis bring us what may be the world’s widest Web page.

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Wit and woo

Posted by Polonius on 20 March, 2007

Here’s a couple of things I spotted on the Web yesterday.

First the wit. I quite often don’t get American satire (Spy was lost on me) but that is a classic.

Then the woo. I’d like to think that was just harmless crackpottery, but of course it’s a case of cynics manipulating the gullible.

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Sally Clark RIP

Posted by Polonius on 17 March, 2007

Sally Clark has passed away. The cause of death has not yet been made public, but I have a bad feeling. If it turns out to be suicide, the real blame lies with the disgraceful Roy Meadow and the even more disgraceful Alan Williams. Meadow was incompetent; his real culpability lay in his lack of remorse after the event. Williams, on the other hand, knowingly chose to suppress the evidence that would have immediately cleared Mrs Clark. If either of those bastards had a conscience, he’d never sleep at night.

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