To thine own self be true

Faaar right

Posted by Polonius on 23 March, 2007

There are a couple of amusing comments on the latest badscience posting. The first is Neil Desperandum’s, drawing attention to the Daily Hate’s standards of proof-reading.

The second is Andy’s pointer to an interesting Web page. Horizontal scroll bars are widely seen as a usability no-no. I have seen an online art gallery that mimicked a real-world gallery, and it suited the metaphor to stroll (or scroll) horizontally through the site, but that was a rare exception. Now Phrenopolis bring us what may be the world’s widest Web page.


One Response to “Faaar right”

  1. Edward the Bonobo said

    Nice atom!

    Did you hear about the guy who forgot to take his homeopathic medication? He died of an overdose.

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