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Posted by Polonius on 28 July, 2007

I find the popularity of the Abrahamic version of the creation myth in America quite depressing. But a Gallup poll reveals the inconsistency of people in responding to polls. 53% of people think that evolution is at least probably true, while 66% think that creationism is at least probably true. Even before we start taking account of those who had no opinion (which reduces the total who did have one below 100%), that means that 19% believe both evolution and creationism are probably true.


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BBC News continues downhill (4)

Posted by Polonius on 13 July, 2007

Just in case anyone’s missed any steps in the BBC’s latest, and most surreal, use of News (TV, radio and Web) to plug other BBC programmes, here’s how it works:

  1. make a documentary that’s likely to attract an audience of half a dozen octogenarians;
  2. make a libellous trailer for that documentary by splicing together clips out of sequence;
  3. report the “controversy” (that nobody else has noticed) over the trailer as a major news item;
  4. make a public apology;
  5. report the apology as a major news item.

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Much ado about very little

Posted by Polonius on 3 July, 2007

I wondered if I ought to post on the events over the weekend, but instead, I sat back and left it to the experts. Bruce Schneier‘s views are similar to my own, but perhaps better expressed (apart from the title being in poor taste). Several of the comments link to further interesting material.

As luck would have it, I had occasion to visit the RAH this morning. There were a few police officers about, including two at the door, but it was pretty much business as usual.

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