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BBC News continues downhill (4)

Posted by Polonius on 13 July, 2007

Just in case anyone’s missed any steps in the BBC’s latest, and most surreal, use of News (TV, radio and Web) to plug other BBC programmes, here’s how it works:

  1. make a documentary that’s likely to attract an audience of half a dozen octogenarians;
  2. make a libellous trailer for that documentary by splicing together clips out of sequence;
  3. report the “controversy” (that nobody else has noticed) over the trailer as a major news item;
  4. make a public apology;
  5. report the apology as a major news item.

6 Responses to “BBC News continues downhill (4)”

  1. Edward the Bonobo said

    On the other hand…the post-incident self-flagellation has been amusing. Did people really believe that the BBC was a beacon of honesty? Is anyone really surprised to find out how meeja folk work? Remember: TV Is A Crack Whore.

    I guess there’s now an outside chance that the BBC will revert to it’s old, Peelian values – but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Edward the Bonobo said

    Keep in touch, btw.

  3. Polonius said

    Will do Ed. I have your work email address. I’m sure I had your home address too, but it must have been in my work mailbox at the job I’ve just left – Doh!

  4. Edward the Bonobo said

    well you can start with edwardthe[scientific-name-for-pan-paniscus] squigglything gmail [short-for-dorothy] com.

    By the way…azahar thought we might be the same person.

  5. Polonius said

    I’m not sure what to make of az’s suspicion. I don’t know whether to be offended or flattered!

  6. azahar said

    Or just think I’m a suspicious ol’ thing. Nah, mostly just two guys from Glasgow with similar interests. And I know how much Ed likes to TALK, so I thought he might have wanted to start another blog just to talk some more. 😉

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