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Diplomatic relations

Posted by Polonius on 21 September, 2007

Mattel has admitted that “flaws in its own designs were responsible for high levels of lead paint” in toys made in China. Do they seriously expect anybody to believe that those toys were designed to have levels of lead paint that are illegal in the US, the UK, Ireland and other countries? Doubtless those in the US responsible for the design will soon be in court.

Bollocks! Nobody believes that. It might just stand as a defence in a criminal trial but, as OJ Simpson, Bill Clinton and Rodney King’s assailants discovered, lies that might withstand refutation “beyond reasonable doubt”, don’t always stand up in a civil court, with a more equitable threshold of proof. It seems unlikely that anyone will be taking Mattel to court over this one, but it would be amusing to see.

Sadly, Mattel seem to feel obliged to grovel to their Chinese suppliers in much the same way that the UK government kowtowed to the Saudi government over the Al Yamamah deal. Much to the embarrassment of the UK government, that one just won’t go away.


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