To thine own self be true

What’s in a name?

Posted by Polonius on 20 April, 2010

What am I? Skeptic? Humanist? Something else?

I'm a scientist by training and inclination. I think the word "rational" best describes my views.

The word "skeptic" has some notable aficionados, but I feel it's been devalued in the UK by the use of the term "eurosceptic" to mean "rabid, drooling, xenophobe". I'm not a member of the Skeptics Society, but may join one of these days.

I dislike the term "bright", but it certainly seems to have attracted lots of sensible rational people.

I am  a member of the (UK) National Secular Society.

I might join Project Reason, but I'm not sure whether to use my real name there.


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