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Claudy bomb report – church response even more stupid than expected

Posted by Polonius on 24 August, 2010

Sean Brady doesn’t seem to understand parody; he’s doing it to himself!

We acknowledge the finding of the Police Ombudsman that: ‘With regard to the role of the Catholic Church, when informed of the level of concerns others had about one of their priests, they challenged Fr Chesney about his alleged activities, which he denied. In the course of this enquiry the Police Ombudsman’s investigation found no evidence of any criminal intent on the part of any Church official’.

In other words, “We asked him, he denied it, what more can you ask?”

It’s entirely consistent with the church’s view of buggering altar boys.

The tragedy is that all of this pales into insignificance against Pope Benny’s pronouncements against the use of condoms, which contribute to 1.5 million deaths a year in Africa alone.


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