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Testing Posterous

Posted by Polonius on 16 June, 2010

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The Universe and your place in it

Posted by Polonius on 7 June, 2010

From the evidence, it’s apparent that our universe emerged from a big
bang some billions of years ago. If you choose to believe that that
big bang was initiated by a sentient creator, you’re perfectly free to
do so.

If you believe the creator has intervened in any way since the Big
Bang, you should acknowledge that the only evidence to support that
hypothesis is hearsay from interested sources.

If you believe the creator looked remotely human, you’re ignoring the
fact that human appearance is the product of evolution.

If you believe the Universe was created to give Man a place to live,
that’s hubris on a cosmic scale.

If you believe an omniscient creator made the Universe to see what we
would do, that’s Orwellian doublethink.

If you believe the creator, in his omniscience, could see the
consequences of his actions, yet you describe him as ‘loving’, you are
either insane or stupid.

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